Introducing MarianaAI

Powering the Future of CARE, with MarianaAI. Introducing MarianaAI for physicians, healthcare professionals and medical facilities.

Kaustubh Sharma
Co-Founder and CEO
November 21, 2023

Healthcare is at the beginning of a transformative journey. As things evolve, it's easy to get lost in specificities and lose sight of the big picture. Patients struggle to navigate a complex and expensive system. Clinicians enter medicine to care for patients yet spend most time on EHRs. Providers face challenges that cripple operational efficiency.

MarianaAI started with a vision to comprehensively address these systemic issues by building the world’s most accurate and precise AI for healthcare. Our mission is to transform clinical experiences for patients and providers while maximizing provider revenues.

With the launch of our state-of-the-art CARE (Comprehensive Automation and Revenue Enhancement) platform, MarianaAI truly puts the "care" back into healthcare.

Powering the Future of CARE, Today

Our purpose-driven AI solutions combine highly specialized AI models that focus on precision and accuracy to handle note-taking, coding, and communication - all with military-grade security.

  • Before an encounter, CARE creates comprehensive Patient Portraits by analyzing a patient’s entire longitudinal history (in some cases going all the way back to birth). For providers in value-based models, CARE accurately captures HCC codes from this history.
  • During the visit, CARE supports productive interactions through real-time transcription and clinical decision support (CDS). And in a world first, our CDS surfaces insights by leveraging not only the ongoing conversation but also the patient's full history and up-to-date medical knowledge.
  • After the encounter, CARE automates documentation, coding, and follow-up communication tasks. This reduces administrative burden so clinicians can move on to the next patient.

By continuously learning from patient data and clinician feedback, MarianaAI delivers compounding value - improved quality of life for physicians, maximized reimbursements, reduced denials, improved risk adjustment, and increased productivity. Our users have experienced over 10x ROI within the very first month while gaining 2 extra days every week for themselves.

As one of our earliest users said:

"MarianaAI has been an absolute game-changer for my practice. My evenings are no longer consumed with administrative catch-up. It instantly handles post-visit busywork so I can focus on delivering care."

The future inevitably belongs to AI-augmented healthcare where technology enables human connection to thrive, and we at MarianaAI are excited to reify this change.

We'll be posting regularly about the latest platform updates, customer stories, and the future of augmented healthcare. If this resonates with you, get in touch! Our Early Adopter Program is now live as we speak — you can claim your slot here. We'd love to learn about your needs and show how MarianaAI can help bring care back to healthcare.

You can always find us on our social media channels (Twitter, Linkedin), or just send a note to