Comprehensive Codes

Autonomous Medical Coding

Codes chart at the end of each encounter, captures every up-coding opportunity, and drive denials closer to 0% with unmatched accuracy.


Increase in revenue


Cost reduction in coding ops

Real-Time Code Capture

Say goodbye to backlogs - CARE by MarianaAI generates medical codes in just a few seconds, before your next appointment.

Comprehensive AI

Ensure up to 100% ICD-10/CPT/HCPCS code capture with access to both previous history and current encounter.

Truly Autonomous

With absolutely no human in the loop, MarianaAI works at unmatchable speed and scale.

Zero IT Effort

Let your IT/engineering team relax and we'll help launch pilots in under 3 days. Expand across your organization in less than a month.

Military Grade Security

MarianaAI is the only Healthcare AI solution of its kind to provide not only HIPAA Compliance, but true military grade security.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access CARE by MarianaAI from right within your EHR, on Chrome/Edge/Safari, and as iOS and Android Apps.

Instantaneous Codes

How it works?


Start an encounter

Sits within your EHR, browser, or mobile and starts capturing passively


Stop recording

As the patient leaves, stop recording and review the generated notes


Sync with EHR

MarianaAI fills in each structured field within your EHR to truly free providers from busywork

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The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare's Most Precise and Accurate AI CoPilots


State-of-the-art accuracy that continuously learns and improve to become a true part of your org


charts coded everyday, easily handling the busiest of systems


Charts coded in real-time

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