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A Healthcare Specialized GPT that is up to date, nuanced, and can fetch the exact data you need from your EHR, fax, etc. - no need to sift through multiple documents to find things out.

45 min

Avg. minutes saved per day


AI healthcare models

Military-Grade Security

MarianaAI is the only Healthcare AI solution of its kind to provide not only HIPAA Compliance, but true military grade security.

Works with anything

Summarize, query, and analyse any document, PDF, image, table, etc. - let MarianaGPT generate any text you need.

Reliable Knowledge

MarianaAI references trusted sources like, Association Guidelines, as well as your EHR and other digital data to solve your query reliably in a jiffy.

Work Smart, Not Hard.

Caregiving made easier and rewarding


average increase in RAF score

30 sec

To know everything about the patient


HCC Codes captured

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