Say Goodbye to Burnout.

AI Medical Scribe

Our fully automated scribe ambiently transcribes multi-speaker conversations to generate clinical notes and medical codes with the highest accuracy, eliminating burnout.


accuracy - highest in the world

2.5 hrs+

time saved everyday

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Party

Built for the extremes of healthcare, our scribe captures multi-speaker conversations in 10+ languages.

Seamless Integration

Experience the magic of deep workflow integrations with MarianaAI's flexibility, customized for providers of all sizes.

Real-Time Capture

All conversations are processed in real-time, with clinical documentation and medical codes generated in seconds.

Military-Grade Security

MarianaAI is the only Healthcare AI solution of its kind to provide not only HIPAA Compliance, but true military-grade security.

Zero IT Effort

Let your IT/engineering team relax and we'll help launch pilots in under 3 days. Expand across your organization in less than a month.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access CARE by MarianaAI from right within your EHR, on Chrome/Edge/Safari, and as iOS and Android Apps.

Ace Every Encounter in 3 Clicks

How it works?


Start an encounter

Sits within your EHR, browser, or mobile and starts capturing passively


Stop recording

As the patient leaves, stop recording and review the generated notes


Sync with EHR

MarianaAI fills in each structured field within your EHR to truly free providers from busywork

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The Future of Healthcare

Caregiving made easier and rewarding


Average reduction in documentation time


is all it takes to become a MarianaAI expert


ROI within a fortnight

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